With Disability Insurance Protect Your Income

Disability Insurance provides people with a means of insuring their income and protecting their families, their future and quality of life. If you do not already know, Personal insurance is a type of coverage that replaces a percentage of your income if you become unable to work due to an injury or illness.

Unlike similar types of insurance that only cover a particular critical disorder or accident, Impairment insurance protects all accidental injuries and diseases unless specifically excluded from your coverage. Additionally, Impairment insurance will not limit your profit to specific responsibilities like a mortgage loan or loan. Impairment insurance offers true income safeguard and the overall flexibility and control of benefits when most needed.

An individual can obtain Impairment insurance in two ways: through an organization setting (the sort provided at the job) or on a person basis. Although there are a few advantages to group Impairment income insurance – generally the limited medical underwriting and less expensive – personal Impairment insurance provides a lot more comprehensive coverage.

Personal impairment Income insurance can and really should be looked at by anyone who is determined by their income to settle payments, support a family group and keep maintaining their standard of living.


For those who are self-employed, companies or even salaried employees, but don’t have Impairment benefits provided for them, it is even more important to consider Personal Impairment insurance. It’s the only way that you can effectively protect your earning ability. Even though you get yourself a Short-Term policy that delivers a 2 or 5-yr advantage period, you remain better off than devoid of any coverage whatsoever.

Personal impairment income insurance should even be looked at by those who find themselves provided group impairment coverage through work, as well as Federal government employees who are given Impairment benefits. Oftentimes group impairment benefits won’t provide you the maximum amount of insurance as you be eligible for with personal impairment income insurance. Because of the lack in income cover, individuals who have group impairment benefits provided have the ability to obtain personal impairment protection to complement the gaps which exist in their group insurance coverage.

A person’s income is his/her most valuable financial asset. The materialistic possessions and assets we have are all a product of our ability to earn an income. If you depend on your ability to go to work every day and bring home a paycheck, then income protection is something that you need to look into. Together we can put a plan in place to protect your family from incurring a financial disaster caused by a debilitating injury or illness.