Risk Involved In GM Foods

GM foods have the capacity to damaging our world’s whole ecosystem and very little has been done by our government to prevent this.  There are severe consequences and consequences which are yet to be accomplished.  People are also filing against them with Monsanto roundup counsels to assist them in this case.

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Gene contaminations cannot be cleaned up like compound disasters.  Whenever these chemical contaminants turned into part of our surroundings, there’s absolutely no means of eliminating them.  They are permanent.  They become part of the ecosystem and environment.

Every living organism becomes vulnerable to those contaminants in addition to their unknown side effects.  Who knows the way they mutate from that point.  It is beyond our control!

Why is it outside of our control?  In other words, cross-pollination.  Genetically designed crop fields cross-pollinate with neighboring plants which may create new and potentially harmful species.

Wind, insects, and birds carry seeds into areas nearby in addition to afar.  From the huge outside, cross-pollination cannot be controlled and genetically engineered plants aren’t resistant to it.  Additionally, organic areas are in danger of being infected.

Pollen from GM plants can quickly cross-pollinate with organic plants thus contaminating whole plants. Back in 1996, there were just 6,500 sq kilometers of farmland on earth which was dedicated to GM plants.  In just 10 years, that 6,500 figure has increased exponentially to become 390,000 sq miles per hour.

And that’s not contemplating the natural consequence of cross-pollination.  Incredible!  At that speed, our whole food distribution will be at risk of becoming GM.  Really organic food is going to be a matter of the past.