How Uninterruptible Power Supplies Are Good For Our Electronics

The media has done a fantastic job of educating the average computer user about the need for a surge suppressor/protector, a system that’s typically integrated into a power strip that protects your computer from large “spikes” in electricity brought on by environmental factors (such as lightning strikes), in addition to problems with your power company’s power generation and distribution grid.

A UPS has its own internal battery that’s charged when electricity is available in the wall outlet. Just like a surge suppressor, a UPS additionally protects your computer against big spikes in electricity. Buy online best quality of switched PDU’s on Switched Rack Power Distribution Units.

switched pdu

Unlike a surge suppressor, a UPS can provide power to a computer from its own battery once the power coming out of your wall socket falls even a small amount, usually sounding an audible alert when doing this. This protects your computer and alerts you to the drop in electricity, which many times lasts just a few seconds.

Even if the battery charge is totally drained the UPS continues to safeguard your computer by cleanly cutting all power and blocking low voltages once the UPS is not able to supply the appropriate power level. Zero power to your computer is much kinder to the electronic equipment than having an inadequate quantity of power.