Benefits of Animal Assisted Therapy

With the many documented advantages of animal-assisted therapy, it’s a technique that you may want to explore further to be able to enhance the health of the person you care for.

Animal-assisted therapy isn’t all about spending time with a cute and cuddly animal, though this can certainly be part of the procedure. Instead, animal-assisted therapy is a sort of physical or occupational therapy that involves utilizing animals in order to help meet therapeutic objectives.

By way of example, a child with a physical disability or injury which has lead to muscle fatigue in the arms might be invited to pet an animal with the feeble arm.

The therapist may also add weights to the child’s arm in order to further help strengthen the muscles. With the help of the pet, the child is more motivated to lift the arm and carry out the exercises that are essential for recovery. Visit for more information about animal care.

The benefits of animal-assisted therapy have long been recognized by St. Mary’s Hospital for Children at New York.

In actuality, the hospital started a pilot animal-assisted therapy program in 1998 and has since expanded the program to include many dogs, which provide treatment to children in classes as well as on an individual basis.

Besides helping encourage children to participate in their prescribed treatment, there are many other advantages of animal-assisted therapy. By Exploring find everything regarding animals feeding. 

For example, interacting with animals can improve the overall quality of life of their ill or injured child. Because of this, it can help accelerate recovery time. Moreover, the bonds that children form with animals can be very beneficial and results in the pet functioning as a type of “co-therapist” in the child’s therapeutic program.