All About 180 And 360 Degree IP Camera Technology

360 and 180 degree IP camera technology is very important in the surveillance industry. These cameras may be implemented into many unique applications requiring omnidirectional recording and playback on a single video stream, let’s take a further look the way an installer and end user of video surveillance cameras will be able to exploit this technology.

End Users: First, we will need to define what an End User is. An End User is a person who really has a surveillance system installed on their private or corporate property. As an end user here is what you can expect from 180 and 360-degree camera technologies.  For All, You need to know about camera technology check out

1. 180 and 360 Technology is for IP based programs, not Analog (Ethernet Cables/No Coax).

2. Define what you want to see from the video stream, always remember to let the need guide the technology.

3. Industry leading manufacturers have begun to make or are about to create 180 and 360-degree cameras. Take time and examine competing models from different manufacturers.  By exploring find out all about Action camera.

4. Assess your VMS compatibility, if you have a proprietary Video Management Software that your current surveillance system is on making certain the 180/360 product you like works with your software.

5. 180 and 360-degree cameras use more hard drive space than a typical IP camera.

6. 180 and 360-degree cameras use much more computing resources than a typical IP camera.

7. Typically, the higher the megapixel rating, the more expensive the camera.

180 and 360 cameras in my research do not have the hardiness that a normal IP camera possesses so they need to be treated with a lighter touch and more maintenance. Below are a few tips to get you on your way to a better understanding of 180 and 360 cameras.