Safe Bouncy Castle Hire For Your Kids Party

Bouncy Castles should be safe equipment for children and adults to use. With the following information, we hope when you appoint an inflatable company it will be a pleasant experience for all. We will break it down into a few units to try help you advert out any concerning issues.

Before Booking

If you are examining at a website of the company then check if they had mentioned if the inflatables have been examined, have electrical security tests and see if there is any reference to insurance and public liability. One can visit to buy bouncy castles at an affordable price. 

If they claim to be PIPA verified look for their tag digit and you can check it online.

If it is ADIPS verified ask for the ADIPs digit of the unit as it can be checked online.

During Booking

Ask how the inflatables are checked, you must hear a response of PIPA Tested, RPII Checked and ADIPS. Please be conscious about these inspection bodies are not "Law" and extended as the operator can prove in some way that castle was inspected by a competent person it is safe to use but the above mentioned is considered "Best Practice" and recognized by HSE. Ask if the company has public liability and ask them to show proof at the day of agreement for you to confirm.

After Setup

Ask to check their documents to see if the castle is up to date on its test and PAT test of electrical equipment.

ADIPS Proof is documentation and a tax disc flair item which both have the termination date on and a cert number. You can check out different Jumping Castles/Bouncy Castles via various online sources. 

RPII Investigation is a certificate with the unit details and business seal of the individual who tested it also has an ending date on it.

PIPA has a tax disc style element on the inflatable and has a digit on to check the status of the inflatables test status.