SAT Prep Options – Courses, Tutoring, Books

SAT preparation material can be costly. Options range from classes that cost several thousands of dollars to very affordable books and online material. Below is an analysis examining books, classes, private tutors, and online courses. Seeing the advantages, limitations, and approximate costs of these options should help you become better informed to choose the option right for you.

The main advantage of one-on-one tutoring is 100% attention on you and your needs. You can go as slow or as fast as you need and spend as much or as little time as you want on a topic. Good teachers will be able to adapt to your needs, inspire you on a personal level, work closely with you to manage your motivation. The tutor should have a very good grasp of your needs and progress, and be able to give parental feedback while modifying lessons to be most effective for you.

The disadvantage to one-on-one tutoring is the high variance. The quality of the tutor is varied and even trying tutors to find the right one can be expensive. Additionally, you are limited to the one tutor's knowledge to help you, so finding a good tutor is a must, considering the price you are paying. You can find an experienced teacher by visiting

You can elect for cheaper one-on-one tutoring, but the teaching style, level of knowledge, and lack of teaching experience can result in far less benefit than a more expensive, experienced tutor.