Easy Meals for Calorie Counters

Like most people, I need to see my calorie intake. If I don't I can really pack on the pounds. My weight has fluctuated over a single year from 205 pounds to 248 pounds. For a guy that is 6 feet 3 inches tall, 205 is not that bad. At 248 pounds, I am considered obese. Because of this stark reality, I have become a calorie counter.

I have seen that you can be a calorie counter but also prefer to eat. Here are some simple low-calorie and low-fat recipes that I have learned. These recipes aren't just healthy for you but they also taste great. An added bonus is none of them takes more than a few times to prepare.You can know more on easy weight loss meals at http://sustainabody.co/.


Heat up handmade or canned refried (buy fat-free) beans and spread a layer of a whole wheat pita bread. Top your bean which with nonfat sour cream, salsa, tomatoes, lettuce or sprouts, a little low-fat Cheddar cheese, green chili peppers and diced onions. It's great a tasting low-fat sandwich that takes about ten minutes to make.

Mix in Minutes

For a variation of the branches, us a whole grain tortilla or low-fat soft or hard taco shells. Make them with the similar fillings as the branches, or try a soy-based ground beef substitute mixed with taco seasoning.