How To Properly Maintain And Service Your Thermal Oxidizer

Routine inspections performed by your staff combined with thorough maintenance plans provided through qualified service Technicians will ensure you get the most from your investment over the entire life of the system. If you want to know more about HVAC Long Island, you can browse the web.

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Weekly maintenance 

•    Check air inlet filters for dirt and obstruction, easy or replace as necessary.

•    During the oxidizer's normal operation, check for fan vibration, abnormal sounds or increased noise levels.

•    Check the fan mounting bolts to ensure they have remained tight.

•    Visually inspect and listen for unusual sounds during poppet valve operation. Valves should shift smooth and evenly in both directions.

•    Check to ensure all fan guards are in place and properly secured.

•    Prior to operating the device, ensure that all oxidizer doors and access panels are closed and latched.

•    View the oxidizer and fuel train for leaks or loose hardware.

•    View all temperature device read-outs to confirm temperature operation is within normal levels.

•    View pressure device read-outs for to confirm operation is inside normal range.

•    Verify temperature chart.

Monthly maintenance checks 

•    Check the burner linkage and external burner components.

•    Remove all pressure switch sensing lines and ensure they are clear and dry.

•    Avoid over-greasing.

•    Drains or weep holes on all fan motors should be checked for debris and cleaned as essential.

•    Verify Oil level of compressed air Lubricator, add as necessary.